by | Jan 3, 2019 | Health

What is stress? We all know that feeling, some people seem to thrive on it, but, for most of us, it can be traumatic to feel that everything is out of our control, that we just can’t face or deal with the situation.

Although stress is not a diagnosed psychiatric condition, without being able to control it, it can lead to further health problems. Stress can start with physical signs, such as headaches and fatigue. It can cause poor appetite and lack of sleep, which in turn affects our well-being. Before long, this could begin to alter our emotional and mental state leading to serious related illnesses.

The good news is, it is possible to manage the stress levels of everyday life.

If you find you are feeling more and more stressed, daily, it is time to make changes in your lifestyle. Try to tell yourself to be more assertive, we are not robots, we often give ourselves unreasonable objectives which can never be successfully achieved, so we end up beating ourselves mentally. Give yourself a target of course, but assert a realistic target.

Relaxation techniques really are important, be it meditation, massage or just listening music or reading . Find out what suits you and take time every day to clear your mind.

Find a balance. Work is important but without health you will suffer eventually. So try to balance your busy life in the right way. The human body is an amazing entity, but if you don’t look after and listen to it, it will tell you in no uncertain terms.

Sleep, it seems obvious but many of us never get the sleep we require, again, listen to your body. Make your bedroom an oasis, get rid of distractions and try to have a minimum of six hours per night. It will help if you try to be as active as possible. Exercise is very important to a healthy lifestyle. Even a good walk can relieve stress.

There are many more things that with research and determination, can help overcome the feelings of stress, but one thing we can all do that helps enormously is to eat and drink healthily. Make sure you drink enough of the right liquids, not everyone wants to drink only water all day but changing your morning coffee or afternoon soda for something with less caffeine, you are helping yourself. Try to get the right vitamins, eat enough vegetables and fruits. Do not avoid all fats, they are an important part of a healthy diet and contribute to a good mental awareness. You know all the basics from countless TV shows and media stories about what to eat and what not to, so you know your diet is a major factor to help you manage your emotional well-being.

Our first product, Maca, is what is known as an adaptogen. Is a rare species of plant that may help in stabilization of physiological processes and promotion of homeostatis, the internal conditions maintained by all living things. In other words, these plants can combat stress and help restore normal psychological functioning.

In conclusion. It is never too late to change our lifestyle, if only in some small ways. So if we can try to overcome our feelings of stress by a few simple changes then it is well worth the effort, to try to live our lives in the best possible way.


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