The first product that Mama Tierra introduce to the public is the best known “super food” of Peru, the Maca (Lepidium meyenii). A root of the family Brassicaceae that grows in the heights of the Andes at more than 3000 meters above sea level. Specifically, it is native to the Junin region, from where it spread to other parts of Peru.

The popularity of the Maca tempted traders from other countries take the seeds clandestinely, to try to grow in other lands. In this way they managed to reproduce Maca in China, for example, however, the difference in the characteristics of the soils does not allow this maca to have the same protein richness as the one that grows and is cultivated in Peru, its country of origin.

Such is the awareness of the benefits that Maca brings to health, it is common to see on the streets of Lima and other cities of the country, street vendors offering Maca preparations, as breakfast to provide a high dose of energy to sustain their journeys and long days at work.


The organic composition of maca is what makes it so beneficial and increasingly popular around the world. The plant contains a large source of B vitamins, including B12. Also C and E. It is a source of protein and can be attributed largely to a vegan diet. Maca also contains important trace elements of iron, zinc, magnesium and calcium. The high concentration of nutrients could explain the energy properties of this incredible plant.

Types of Maca

Although different types of maca are known, the variation is basically in the colour of their skin. The best known are yellow, red and black.

The process of obtaining the maca is a wonderful ritual, because seeds cannot be separated by colours as many producers wish. This way they could control the amount of yellow, red or black maca they produce. Previous attempts resulted in a failed harvest. The correct way is to sow all the seeds together and it will be the earth, in a natural way, that is responsible for determining the colour of the maca and how many of each colour there are.

In the annual production, the yellow maca usually represents 60%. In second place is the red maca, with 25% and finally the rarest form, the black maca, with 15% of the total by year, which is why it is a little more expensive to market.
However, each one has many of the same qualities and benefits, and at the same time, some specific benefits for the body of men and women.

Mama Tierra brings to Europe, red and black varieties, subjected to multiple tests and research on their properties and benefits in humans. Based on the most widely disseminated information about Maca, we can say that its regular consumption could help in the following way:

  • To relieve stress and symptoms of depression due to the unique nature of an adaptogenic plant.
  • As an excellent libido enhancer in both men and women.
  • To increase the sperm count in men. And to improve fertility in both men and women.
  • As a natural re energizer, it is a very effective sports supplement.
  • It’s a great hormone balancer. It is used to regulate and relieve the symptoms of the menstrual cycle. Also, to relieve menopausal imbalances and hot flashes.
  • To support prostate health.
  • Improves bone health.
  • Helps build muscle.
  • Mental focus.
  • Although it is ideal for reproduction, maca should be avoided once a woman becomes pregnant. Anyone with a heart condition or thyroid problems, or who is taking any long-term medication should consult their doctor.

Forms of Maca

Currently Maca can be found in different forms, be it in powder, capsules or chips.
Mama Tierra works with powdered Maca, which is the best way for it to be absorbed by the body. But there are also different types of powdered maca. The raw and the gelatinized.

The raw maca, has absolutely all the benefits of maca unaltered, however, it represents a problem for the digestive system, since it contains high starch content. Peruvians never consume raw maca, because, although for them it is a staple in their nutrition, they know that only cooked, they can assimilate these properties without causing adverse effects such as stomach pain and bloating.

When the maca appeared to the world as a superfood, many companies dedicated to its marketing, ground the raw maca, to convert it into flour and thus sold it to new consumers, which unfortunately caused undesirable effects in many of them.

The appropriate way to process it is through a system called Gelatinization. A process in which Maca can lose a minimum percentage of its nutrients, whilst preserving most of them, so it is still a potent food. But in addition, the gelatinized maca is absolutely, more digestible and assimilable by the organism. That is why at Mama Tierra, we work with a ratio of 5: 1 of crude to gelatinized, that is to say that for every 5 kilos of raw maca we obtain 1 kilo of gelatinized maca, so that the concentration of its nutrients is greater and thus offer a product of the highest quality.

And even more, far from the demands that industrialization imposes, Mama Tierra works with producers that dry the maca naturally, in the sun, as did the ancient inhabitants of Peru, and do not subject the root to a drying machine , artificial, that will definitely nullify a large part of its properties.

In this same sense, we strive to offer you the freshest product possible. Maca powder can react and deoxygenate when it comes in contact with air and, therefore, loses some of its qualities, to avoid it we have developed a presentation in envelopes for daily consumption that come in a package with the full dose for a month .

Thanks to the dedicated work of our team and especially our food engineer, we can advise the best way to consume maca, to obtain optimal results: Mix with cold or hot water, green tea or any infusion. With almond milk, nut milk or similar. What we must learn for a healthy nutrition, is that the products of vegetable origin are enhanced if they consume with others of vegetable origin. If mixed with cow’s milk or goat for example, they can mutually cancel each other’s properties and even mixing maca with certain types of citrus fruits, could cause fermentation.

The taste of maca is unique and it may not be to everyone’s liking, but it is a pure, organic product, without additives or sweeteners, so we suggest a natural sweetener like honey or a fruit infused tea if you want a pleasant flavor. For an excellent breakfast our favourite mix is with green tea, a few drops of lemon and honey, or simply with water and honey for a quick boost full of energy.

Keep in mind that: As with most natural health products, the results will not come overnight. You may start to feel some benefits after a short time but to achieve all the benefits you need to continue to take maca for a period between 4-6 weeks After 6 weeks we recommend a rest period of 1 week before continuing.

The colour of the maca refers to the real bulb, the root is used to make the powder, so there is only a slight variation of colour in the red and black maca powder. Our Maca is fully certified Organic. It is suitable for vegetarians, it does not contain gluten, it is halal and kosher, vegan and vegetarian


And What is a Gelatinized Product?

A gelatinized product is one that turns into powder through a careful process in which the chain of starches are broken.
In the case of Mama Tierra Maca, it is necessary that it is previously dried in the sun for 3 months.

After it is disinfected and put to the humidity according to the process, the maca goes through a machine, remaining in the form of chips. Then it is taken to another machine called an ESTRUSOR that must work at high pressure so that the starch granules that are inside the maca can be cooked. When it is at a suitable temperature the maca becomes a kind of paste, this process is called GELATINIZATION. Finally, the maca, is allowed to cool and is then ground, thus obtaining the Gelatinized Maca Flour.

The gelatinized Maca of Mama Tierra is a 100% natural product with organic certification of easy assimilation. The extruded process preserves almost all the benefits of maca, unlike other processes such as roasting. The final product is 100% sterilized, of excellent quality, more soluble, digestible and therefore the body assimilates it better than the raw form.