Organic Gelatinized Red Maca 4pack

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A life full of health and nutrition hand in hand with a natural and organic product. A wonder of nature that will help you to have physical, emotional, hormonal balance.

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The red maca is the penultimate in rarity, surpassed only by the black maca. It represents around 25% of the total maca harvest. In appearance, it is similar to a radish or beet.

In its fresh form, it is an intense red color and, like most fruits and vegetables of this color, it has a great variety of antioxidants. It has most of the qualities and benefits of all other Maca colors, however, it brings some of its own special surprises.

Like the other maca, first, it is an adaptogen, a plant that can help relieve stress and anxiety in everyday situations.

It has numerous amounts of vitamins and minerals that contribute to its ability to give energy.

Although this marvel of nature is still being studied, the first results affirm that red maca has protective effects on the bone structure. In tests done in Lima, Peru, the conclusion was reached that, taken regularly, it can promote bone health. 

Maca is known throughout Peru for many years and is already in great demand in the USA, for its impact on hormonal balance. In Europe it is becoming more popular for the same reason. It is taken to help regulate the menstrual cycle and relieve the symptoms of menopause. It is also said to be ideal for fertility.

Probably the most important study, which was published was in the “Journal Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 2005; 3: 5” The investigation was carried out with red maca in roders for 42 days. After which it was discovered, significant reductions in the size of the ventral prostate. This is a topic that worries men, particularly men over 40, so taking maca can help in prostate health.

In our opinion, red maca is the sweetest tasting of all, however, you can experiment with your own mixes to adapt to your tastes. We ask you to avoid mixing it with lactose products of animal origin or very citrus fruit juices, as this can result in a fermentation in the intestine. It is recommended to mix simply with water or an infusion tea, perhaps with a slice of lemon and honey. Mix in cereal with almond milk or similar. At peak times we simply mix with water for a quick boost in the morning.

Keep in mind that it will take several weeks to feel all the benefits of any maca and we recommend a week of abstinence after 6 weeks. Also keep in mind that although the fresh maca is red, the real root and the final product vary only slightly in colour.

We wish you a healthy lifestyle and we can, with regular consumption of red maca, can improve your life as part of a nutritious diet with regular exercise.

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