Organic Gelatinized Black Maca 3pack

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La maca más exclusiva que existe en el mundo está aquí. El don de los dioses, como se le conoce en Perú, vino para ayudarlo en su fertilidad y salud sexual.

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The black maca, the elite and the rarest of all. It represents 15% of the total harvest of maca. From dark gray to black in fresh form and resembling a small turnip, this maca is very sought after.

Like yellow and red, black maca has most of the attributes associated with this incredible plant. But like the red maca, it has its own secrets.

Research suggests that black maca works slightly better on endurance and muscle development. There are many studies that are still ongoing, but the most widespread findings and consumer opinions show that black maca is regularly taken by athletes alike.

Again, as in red maca, it is an adaptogenic and excellent plant to reduce stress, and it is also reported to improve memory and concentration.

But probably the most documented aspect of taking black maca is sexual health. It has been taken for centuries to improve libido in men and women. It has been researched to suggest that black maca can increase the volume and mobility of sperm, making it an excellent supplement for fertility.

The black maca, in our opinion, is the one with the strongest flavor. It has a unique and earthy flavor, so you may need to add your own natural sweetener. We suggest you mix with water or infusion with honey and a slice of lemon. Or with cereal and almond milk or similar. We recommend that you avoid mixing with lactose products of animal origin or very citrus fruit juices, as this can lead to fermentation in the intestine. In busy times, we simply mix it with water for a quick boost. Keep in mind that it will take several weeks to feel all the benefits of black maca and we recommend a week of abstinence after 6 weeks. Also, keep in mind that the color refers to the fresh maca, the final product will vary only slightly in colour to those of another maca.

We wish you a healthy lifestyle and we can say that, with the regular consumption of black maca, you can improve your life as part of a nutritious diet and regular exercise.

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