Our story

In June 2017, Geoff made his first visit to Peru, this trip allowed him to discover more about Peruvian culture and to learn about the dedicated work of farmers to grow their food, in almost all cases, with techniques inherited from ancient civilizations that inhabited the Andean country and that managed to produce fruits, tubers, grains and vegetables of the highest quality and original flavours.

This meeting awoke his admiration for the work of the country men, for the love with which they take care of the land that provides them with their food and allowed him to understand the mystique that unites them to the Pachamama, as it is known in the Andean world to the Mother Earth.

And that mystique made us dream about the possibility of taking the fruits of Peru to the world, making known to the greatest number of people the nutritional value of these foods and putting at their reach the benefits they offer, without affecting the ecosystem and the sustainability of producer communities.

Together, we began the search for products with greater nutritional properties and better health benefits. In each region of Peru, many superfoods grow naturally but find the exact place where they are grown with due respect to the Pachamama, and with the necessary care not to nullify their qualities due to the demands of overproduction demanded by exports, it was not an easy task, but we finally got it.

Today, Mama Tierra is presented in the international market with its line of gelatinized organic products, a careful combination of the best fruits of Peru with the highest standards of food processing, to offer the world a high-quality final product.

We invite you to be part of our house, of our mysticism. We invite you to be part of a new vision of life and health. ”
Geoff and Carmen