For our Earth and for Us

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Health

Obtaining a single protein of meat affects the planet more than getting a plant-based one. The amount of land and water used and the polluting gases that are emitted in the process, show us the future of our planet, our home, is in danger.

Studies developed by researchers from the University of Oxford (United Kingdom), have been able to determine, for example, that to feed the almost 8 billion inhabitants of the planet, 43% of land is needed (without counting deserts or frozen regions), which in turn causes 26% of greenhouse gas emissions, 32% of acidification and 78% of eutrophication.
Within these figures, it is the main products of animal origin (meats, farmed fish, eggs and dairy products) that need 83% of the land dedicated to food production and those responsible for almost 60% of the emissions of 3 types of harmful gases.

And it is perhaps aware of this reality, for reasons of health or protection of animal life, that many people around the world are changing their diet from carnivorous to vegetarian. The growing demand of vegan and vegetarian consumers makes us discover more and more new ways of feeding.

Although vegetarianism and veganism are not new, officially exist since 1940, it is in recent years that they begin to feel more strongly their presence. While a vegetarian diet can be extremely healthy, it may lack a certain amount of vitamins and minerals essential for the optimal functioning of our bodies, for example vitamin B12, iron, zinc and calcium.
At Mama Tierra, we are aware of this. Therefore, our range of products is highly recommended to be part of a vegan or vegetarian diet, as they contain the nutrients you need to avoid deficiencies.

We are working, for example, on our next product: ‘Sacha Incha’, also known as ‘Inca Nut’. It has one of the highest omega 3 content of plants on the planet, and also contains protein and fiber.
And our introductory product is “Maca”, an adaptogenic plant full of B vitamins, including B12 and all the minerals that are sometimes lacking in a plant-based diet.
The latest research suggests that the production and consumption of plant products should be encouraged over animals. According to the Oxford studies, no animal food has an environmental cost less than or equal to its vegetable equivalent.

Although we can not say for sure if the change of diet and food can be embraced globally, for those who have consciously chosen this path we ask you to enjoy our attempts to bring some of the best products of the world to your door .

Taken regularly, Maca can add substance to any healthy diet and help us in our busy lives. And while we take care of our health, we contribute with a granite to take care of our planet.


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